Most people find it hard to create long passwords with the required variety that can be remembered. My suggestion is that you create an easy to remember password by using a sentence or saying then changing the characters to make it secure.

In 2017 I will be at the beach before work 

Easy to remember but not yet secure so by changing a few characters it can become


Please don't use the above but create your own below are a few tips

  • & instead of and 
  • u instead of you
  • + or - instead of add or minus
  • don't use birth dates

Have some fun with your password and don't use the same for every account. If you are going to use the same (as I know many people do) then at least have the following

  • a different password for every bank or financial account
  • a different password for your Internet connection and email accounts
  • a different password each social media account